Plan B: Brasas!

Last Saturday, my friends and I went to dinner at Brasas at the Podium. The initial plan was to dine at a buffet but we couldn’t make up the minimum number of people to avail of the promo. :p Nevertheless, Plan B was quite a success.

Having just a vague idea of what Brasas serves (Latin American Street Food), we headed to the top floor of Podium to find out.

When asked what their bestsellers were, the Rice Platter and the Beef Grill Wrap were mentioned. So Ian and I ordered the Beef Grill Wrap and the Chicken Rice Platter.

chicken rice plattergrill beef wrap

The chicken platter rice is made up of strips of char-grilled chicken, yellow rice, a plantain chip with chimichurri sauce. I really enjoyed this dish! The flavor was superb, the chicken moist and the rice was the sticky kind that I LOVE. The sauce was perfect for the dish. I had a taste of the wrap – which is strips of chargrilled beef, roasted bell pepper, sauteed onions in a flour tortilla. It’s served with 2 kinds of sauces – the chipotle sauce and a cheese sauce. Personally, I preferred the chipotle sauce which had an extra kick.


The first order to arrive was actually my friend Lyn’s. She ordered Patacones for the table which are plantain chips with smoked pulled pork, tomato salsa and cheese on top. These were amazing. We literally inhaled it as soon as it came. Best to eat them while hot, because once left to cool, the plantain chips becomes a bit hard.

beef rice platterpulledpork

The beef rice platter was exactly the same as the chicken one with tender juicy beef strips as its main ingredients. We also ordered the pulled pork sandwich which was good as well. The queso sauce was perfect with the accompanying french fries.

Pastel de choclopuercoasado

The Pastel de Choclo was, and i quote, “a Latin American version of shepherd’s pie” using corn mash instead of mashed potato. This was a lovely surprise and I really liked it. (Too bad it wasn’t my order so I made do with a quick and delightful taste. 🙂 Thanks Charo!) Puerco Asado is a dish of slow roasted, very tender pork belly and a veeerryy crispy & crunchy pork skin. I could literally hear Cho eat it!

Verdict: A very successful night of eating out. Good food, affordable and reasonable prices and good company. I’ll definitely be back. 🙂