God of Carnage Manila

As soon as I saw that Ms. Mencu Lauchengco Yulo and Ms. Lea Salonga would be headlining God of Carnage, I immediately went on a search for tickets (not even knowing what the show was about). In a nutshell, the show is about two parents trying to civilly mediate the infighting between their children. While trying to navigate this minefield, topics such as marriage, the raising of children, being a responsible citizen of the world were discussed all within an afternoon full of alcohol, puke and incessant phone calls.

The cast were stellar. Imagine 80 minutes without intermission? How the hell would you keep the audience hooked all through that time? Somehow they managed it. I laughed out loud at numerous points in the show – the most memorable part for me was when Lea and Menchu were jumping around enthusiastically on the stage after dumping Art’s phone in water. Still can’t get that image out of my head.

After the show, since my friend Juani was an avid Lea fan (and I have been wanting to meet and greet Ms. Menchu), we stuck around and waited for the cast to come out to get our picture taken with them.

Fangirl moment with Ms. Menchu: (while getting my picture taken with her)

Me: I’ve been a fan since Next to Normal!

Ms. Menchu: Awww… (hugs me) then you should definitely watch Nine!

Me: *deliriously happy* yup! already planned to!

All in all, a great show and fantastic cast. God of Carnage will be shown in Singapore on November 2012.  Tickets now available at http://www.sistic.com.sg.


OMG. will DEFINITELY watch this. *fangirl squeal*


I’m not a fan of the musical Nine, but holy bejesus! Just look at these gorgeous, talented, perfect ladies in the cast. Plus Jett Pangan as Guido Contini to add to that. I’m excited to know who the rest of the cast are. I was honestly not enthusiastic about going to see this when I first heard they’re doing it, but to be able to witness these amazing people do beautiful art together onstage is a reason to watch all on itself!