Food Post Monday

The fiancé arrived yesterday and brought a ton of goodies back with him. Mostly not for me though. :p But along with a few trinkets that he picked up during his trip, he did bring a few food items that he managed to squirrel away.

First up, madeleines!

perfect with coffee!

He also brought home some cheese..

cheese overload!

While running errands, we stopped by the weekend market at Eastwood Mall and picked up this white chocolate chip cookie (Php 120).  I’ve been craving chocolate chip cookies the whole time we were being barraged by the rains. This hit the spot perfectly!

yummy yummy cookies!

And lastly, a food experiment. (Really, I was just sick of eggs and tuna for breakfast. :p) I really want to get better at cooking (and at my current cooking level, there’s really nowhere to go but up. haha, can’t get any worse. :p)

Without further ado, I present my tuna in oyster sauce dish.

perfect with crackers!

I wasn’t really following any recipe.. mostly a hodgepodge of ingredients and spices that I had on hand.

What you’ll need:

1 can Century Tuna Hot and Spicy (better if you use tuna in water – so that no competing flavors are present)

1/4 small onion, finely diced

1/4 garlic, finely diced

oyster sauce (use sparingly, at your discretion)

canola oil (but other types of oil should work too)

ginger powder, cumin powder, white pepper

1. Sauté the garlic and onion in oil. Be careful not to burn the garlic (there’s a fine line between the browned and burnt garlic.. browned tastes awesome, burnt not so much.)

2. Add the tuna (minus its oil or water) and the oyster sauce. The oyster sauce should be used sparingly. Better if you add it a few at a time.

3. Add the spices. The oyster sauce should provide enough sodium for the dish (the one I used was actually low sodium but had enough (of it) to complete the dish.)

Surprisingly, it was very good. It would’ve been great with rice but I made do with 1 pack of Skyflakes. Yum!


Après moi, le déluge

Dear Rain (and Mother Nature),

I get it. You’re pissed. But I hope that we can let bygones be bygones and your wrath starts to taper off. I mean, it’s been what? 3 weeks of continuous rainfall? Aren’t you tired? Get some rest. Seriously. We won’t mind. At All.

après moi, le déluge – after me, comes the flood.

So true, since 90% of Manila is currently flooded. And the rain still keeps on pouring.

French Kiss

Since the fiancé is en route to France (and will be there for a week), I thought, what better way to commemorate the week than by dedicating a post to one of my favorite Meg Ryan films of all time. French Kiss. Oh and spoilers below.


The film was released in 1995 and is about an American-soon-to-be-Canadian woman, Kate played fantastically by Meg Ryan, going to France to win back her fiancé from a goddess. (Hmm.. in hindsight, this might not be the best film for me plotwise.)

Along the way, she meets Luc Teyssier (Kevin Kline), a thief who uses her to smuggle a vine cutting and a stolen diamond necklace to France. Apparently, he wants to go back to his hometown and grow wine – and the smuggled items are his way to finance his plans. Hijinks ensues. Luc volunteers to help Kate win back her Charlie while falling for her at the same time. Kate is torn between Charlie who wants the “new” Kate and Luc who seems to want her as she is.

In the end, Kate decides to help Luc by pretending to sell the necklace (but really, she returned it to the police and withdrew her savings to give to Luc). The police inspector (played by the amazing Jean Reno) informs Luc of what an altruistic deed Kate has done and he, in turn, rushes off to stop Kate from leaving France. And they lived happily ever after in their small vineyard in the French countryside. le sigh.

The movie trailer. I promise, it’s so much better and hilarious that what I have just summarized. 🙂

One of my favorite scenes in the movie: (never mind the lactose intolerance discussion on the page)

Train scene cheese discussion

Kate: Did you know that there are four hundred and fifty-two official government cheeses in this country? Don’t you think that’s incredible? To come up with four hundred and fifty-two ways of classifying what is basically a bacterial process?
Luc: You would prefer one cheese? One cheeseburger to put it on and one restaurant to eat it in?
Kate:  I’m saying I *like* the cheese. God!

but then I, like Kate, like cheese. 🙂

The soundtrack is a gem! I bought a copy way back then and listened to it day in and day out. Perfect for lazy afternoons. And for your listening pleasure, Kevin Kline singing La Mer (included in the soundtrack).

The role of Luc Teyssier was originally Gerard Depardieu’s but Kevin Kline accepted it due to Gerard’s inavailability. I think he did an amazing job! I actually thought he was a french actor – not recognizing him at all.

If you need a feel good rom-com to perk up your day, go and watch this one.

How do you define Adorable?

So I guess this was a deleted scene during the Christmas episode last season. I have to say that this is everything that’s adorable about Kurt and Blaine.

Kurt: But what are you promising?

Blaine: to always love you. to defend you even if I know you’re wrong. to surprise you. to always pick up your call no matter what I’m doing. to bake you cookies at least twice a year. and to kiss you wherever and whenever you want. but mostly, just to make sure you remember how perfectly imperfect you are.

I just melted.