Food Trip: Bubble Tea, Megamall

One Sunday afternoon, while running errands at Megamall, Ian and I found ourselves feeling a bit peckish. And since I heard good things about Bubble Tea from my younger sister, Eri, we decided to try the food here.

We were thinking of just having merienda so we ordered the tonkatsu yakisoba – with the idea that we’d share it. But once Ian saw the takoyaki on the menu, we had to order it as well. 

tonkatsu yakisoba – Php245
takoyaki – Php175
The takoyaki was a good choice! I really enjoyed it. The pancake batter was moist and the takoyaki themselves were piping hot. (I don’t enjoy cold takoyaki – i like ’em freshly prepared). Another good thing was they didn’t scrimp on the tako (octopus) inside – so it was a perfect balance of tako and batter. We finished this dish off almost immediately. The side salad was fine, some cabbage and corn drizzled with dressing. As for the tonkatsu yakisoba, it was okay. Nothing extraordinary about it. I’m afraid the takoyaki outshone it in this instance – and we just took the remainder of it home.
Of course at an establisment called Bubble Tea, we had to order bubble teas! Ian ordered Royal Milk Tea while I had the Azuki Red Bean Milkshake. Both drinks were good – but I prefer mine. XD
Royal Milk Tea – L Php125
Azuki Milkshake – L Php145
If we do eat here again, I’ll definitely order the takoyaki and the azuki milkshake. And I’ll probably try some other dishes. The food is moderately pricey but I think its better for lunch or dinner rather than merienda. My only comment was when we ate here (back in February), the waitstaff was less than stellar. They seem to be new or at a loss to what they were doing. They seem to forget who ordered what and even failed to bill us for some of our food (a fact that we had to bring to their attention)

Bubble Tea is located in four branches:
SM Megamall, The Block, Greenhills and Tomas Morato.


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