Food Trip: Jalapeño Cantina Mexicana, Ortigas

There’s something about lazy Sunday afternoons that inspires the free spirit. No schedules, no need to run around rushing about. Just doing things that you like as soon as it hits you. It was on such an afternoon when Ian and I decided to try dining in Jalapeño, a mexican restaurant situated along Food Street in Home Depot Center, Ortigas.

Baked Jalapeño Cheese Dip – Php 150
Nacho chips
We ordered the baked jalapeño cheese dip served with nacho chips as an appetizer. Ian ordered the enchilada while I ordered the burrito. The jalapeño cheese dip was served on a hot plate and is full of cheesy goodness. Huge slices of jalapeño can be found within the dip, giving an extra kick to an otherwise ordinary dish. 
Mexican Chicken Burrito – Php 140
I find that I usually order burritos whenever I’m in a mexican restaurant and this time was no exception. The chicken burrito was served piping hot with tomato salsa and sour cream on the side. I loved the salsa – it had that fresh, tangy tomato flavor. The burrito itself though was just alright for me. It wasn’t bad, I just still prefer Cantina’s Grande Pollo Burrito. (Probably because the grande burrito has a lot more ingredients inside it).
Mexican Chili Beef Enchilada
Mexican Chili Beef Enchilada – Php 220
The beef enchilada was a pleasant surprise. Although it was very cheesy, the tortilla was still able to retain its texture and did not become a soggy mess. The dish wasn’t spicy though (which is weird given the chili in its name) but a dash of their hot sauce did the job.
Bacardi Light Mojito Pitcher – Php 370

We also ordered a pitcher of Bacardi Light Mojito. They were considerate enough to give us a taste each of this drink because I wanted to see if I should order a glass or a pitcher. Needless to say, it was delicious. Jalapeño just became a possible venue for future mojito nights. Good food and good mojitos – perfect combination. 🙂
happy karriepanda 🙂
This place is definitely worth coming back to. Reasonable price, good food, good drinks, pleasant service and most of all, free parking. :p If you plan on sharing a pitcher (of mojito), its best to have a few drinking buddies with you. The ice would melt if you take your time drinking (It’s still good but it’s best served cold).
*Jalapeño Cantina Mexicana
The Food Street, Home Depot Complex
Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas
Mon-Sun 10am-4pm, 6pm-2am